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Harlow Running Club

Harlow Running Club


Days and times

  • Tuesday – 7.30pm (Speed work or hill work – overall distance 4 to 5 miles)
  • Wednesday – 6.30pm (Track work)
  • Thursday – 7.00pm (Longer steady run of 5 or 7 or 9 miles)

What we offer & Ages

Looking to run safely as part of a sociable group? Let Harlow Running Club help by offering support and advice for your training.
Harlow Running Club welcomes runners of all abilities Under 16s can attend beginners sessions but must be accompanied by their parent/guardian. Join us to take part in road/cross country races or simply just to keep fit.

The Club holds Beginners courses lasting 10 weeks at times throughout the year. They are aimed at absolute beginners or those returning to running after a break and by the end of the course, the target is to be able to run for 5 miles.


  • The Club is an accredited club with UK Athletics

League Competitions

In the summer the Club participates in a Mid Week League held over 5 races against other local Clubs on the roads. The race distances vary between 5 and 7 miles.
In the winter the Club participates in the Metropolitan Cross Country League held on Saturdays. It also participates in a local Sunday Cross Country League against four other Clubs, the race distances varying between 4.5 to 5 miles.

Other information

The Club was formed in 1989 and caters for road and cross country runners. Not all members race competitively, but all are encouraged to help with the races that the Club hosts each year. These are the Harlow 10 miles race in September, one of the Mid Week League races and one of the Sunday Cross Country races.
Runners who do compete, take part in a variety of local and even international races, over distances from 5k to ultra races of well over marathon distance.

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